New Happenings for 2017




Join me on the last Tuesday of each month as we celebrate Mother Nature.  All proceeds from the

day will be dedicated to purchasing acreage or miles of reef through the Nature Conservancy.

Falling into Fall

Autumn has arrived in full force…change of pace, change of weather, changes in life.  We don’t have a choice about much of what a change of season brings, and those changes can be exciting, difficult and of course, for some of us, both!  I encourage you to embrace your whole experience of the new season;  the outer changes that are happening in your life as well as the inner experience of change.   My invitation to you and to myself is to really fall into fall so that we might discover the gifts of change.   Imagine meeting any inner resistance and fears you have with curiosity and without judgment.  The capacity to do that alone is a powerful gift.  Even more, you might find yourself coming out the other side with insight and a touch of inner peace.  And what would it be like to take that same sense of curiosity and non-judgment to the outer changes you are experiencing this fall?   When we move toward rather than away from what’s happening, many things become possible.  Less resistance means more relaxation in your inner world.  More curiosity can mean projections and assumptions melt away in your outer world.  Perhaps this is the way we can all live attuned both to ourselves and to wild and changing world we live in.

Relationship Transformation

With the right mindset, a little bit of courage and tools and practices as resources, transformation within your relationship moves from a powerful idea into reality.  I’ve written an article that speaks to this;  the link is below.  Enjoy!

Relationship Rescue: Tools for the Times App is here!

My new app, Relationship Rescue:  Tools for the Times, is now available in the Apple and Google Play stores and offers tools and ideas in the form of eBooks.  With the powerful ideas that are presented, the app is a great way to begin to transform your relationship; for some couples moving from crisis to healing, and for other couples, simply taking their relationship to a whole new level.  The tools are focused on communication, collaboration and repair.  When you download one of the three tools, you receive both a written guide as well as a demonstration of the process by a real life couple.  The two eBooks available are: Creating a New Normal, which explores 10 aspects of a conscious relationship and Navigating Tricky Ground, which provides support with relationship challenges and concerns.  The eBooks do three things;  First, they offer important information and ideas.  Next, each eBooks provides ways you can integrate what you learn into your own life.  Finally, inspiring stories from others are shared, helping to turn what might feel impossible or idealistic into something that is within your reach.    The app itself is a free download, and the tools and eBooks are both affordable and effective, which can be a wonderful way to start working on your relationship if you are not feeling ready for counseling, or if money is a concern.  Finally, Relationship Rescue:  Tools for the Times is not only helpful for your intimate relationship, but can be applied at work, with parenting and in your friendships.   So I invite you to check it out and begin today creating the relationships you have always dreamed of!

Creativity Bursts Forth

While the blog has been quiet, there is no absence of exciting new developments with my work.   Our retreats continue to be a powerful experience for participants, where what is offered is the “experience” of change, rather than just ideas and motivations for change in the future.  For those unable or who don’t feel ready to go on a couples retreat, a new relationship app, called Relationship Rescue: Tools for the Times will be launched this fall.  The app includes an actual couple demonstrating the tools I teach as well as two mini-eBooks, Creating a New Normal and Navigating Tricky Ground.  I want to share how the app came to me, which is a great reflection of the organic movement of creativity that is possible for us all.

I was recently asked, “Why would a person make any changes if they are working toward contentment and gratitude for who they are and what they have?”, i.e., does the movement of change oppose contentment and gratitude?  What an amazing and important question.  If one is to be fully happy and at ease with life and themselves, how does growth, evolution, or just good old personal development fit in?  The answer I offered and offer to you is that seeking change from a place that I or my life is not enough, is very different than a change coming to you as an idea.  The image might be a full cup that feels like it is expanding to overflow.   The development of the app is a perfect example of this.  I was very satisfied with my practice.  I felt no need to do more, see more people or add anything.  Super contented and grateful for the work I am so lucky to do.  The idea of the app, just like the idea of the book I am also working on came to me, both in quiet moments.  In the stillness, I heard the idea.  And it didn’t go away.  And in saying yes, I found the energy, time and tribe that made happen!  This for me is the organic nature of life moving and expanding through us.  To say “yes” to what arises from within you, from a whole and happy place, is an incredible way to experience life “living you”

So I encourage you to continue along the path of gratitude for who you are and what you have, and to find deepening contentment in your life, right now, as it is.  AND, I encourage you to create the still moments so that as your own life wants to expand, you will be there to hear the call.

Practice as a Path to Embodiment

Practice, practice, practice!  For many, there is increasing awareness and insight into living a more conscious life;  having more conscious relationships.  But for many, embodying those awareness’s and insights is quite a different matter.  Embodiment is the testament of integrating what we have learned, what we know to be true, into our daily lives, and into each and every relationship.  The path to embodiment is often about having ongoing practices that keep us in a more conscious and awake state.  Personal practices, such as mediation, yoga, communing with nature everyday, body work, and examples of how individually we can stay connected to a deeper sense of living.

Relational practices, such as daily rituals, date nights, retreats can go a far way  to create and maintain an extraordinary relationships.  Our level of presence within a practice is equally important.  Most of us have had the experience of doing a practice, such as yoga or date night, and not really being there at all…and just going through the motions.  So I encourage all of us to dive deeply into practice and presence to explore the opportunity that it affords….the embodiment of living and loving ever more consciously.

Embracing Imperfection

As we welcome in a new year, I invite you to dive into the work of Brene Brown, and read her book, “The Gifts of Imperfection”.  Often I am asked what resource, what book, might compliment the personal work my clients are doing around becoming healthier, happier, and more whole.  At it’s deepest level, for most of us that means contending with core stuff….worthiness, belonging and ultimately, how loveable to we believe ourselves to be.  Brene addresses each of these, as well as boundaries, resilience and compassion in a profoundly personal and vulnerable way, practicing what she teaches.  The book is somewhat short, which is great, as it is highly understandable, with concrete ideas for integrating her powerful teachings.  Make this the year that you become more authentic, comfortable with your imperfections (in fact, embracing them!) and begin to live a more whole hearted life!

Intuitive Living

Living intuitively has been a focus for one of our groups and multiple individual clients I have had the privilege of working with this month.  It has been amazing to see how simply the interest in living more closely aligned with our inner voice results in that voice within us getting louder.  I encourage anyone who is called to tap into their own inner wisdom to use the following steps to cultivate that process.

  1. Slow down;  Many have found that if we are rushing around, especially being task oriented, it is quite difficult to HEAR our own inner voice.
  2. Ask;  When attempting to cultivate intuitive living, it can be helpful to ask for our intuition to speak more clearly to us….what can often experienced as a faint “flirt” of valuable guidance or information becomes stronger and lasts longer.
  3. Listen;  Listening with curiosity allows our intuition to reach as because we are both open and available to what is being offered.
  4. Trust;  At times what we hear either doesn’t make sense or goes against what direction we are following, therefore, it will at times be important to simply trust what you are hearing and to honor it.  So often, at a later time we understand much more fully why we were guided as we were.  If this is difficult, see if you can do it even once in a while, perhaps as an experiment, as a new way to live, and as a part of strengthening your relationship to yourself.