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The Four Agreements

In his book, “The Four Agreements”, Don Miguel Ruiz offers these Agreements as a way of leading a more wakeful life.  From an ancestral Mexican Toltec perspective, Don presents that these teachings are old and deep, giving us clarity, peace and a profound experience of Love if integrated into our lives and relationships.   The four Agreements are:  Being Impeccable with Your Word , Don’t Take Anything Personally,  Don’t Make Assumptions and Always Do Your Best.  Below is a process to increase your awareness of each agreement, to reflect on how aligned you are to its essential message in your life and to integrate the teaching into your own life.

For eight weeks, starting with the first Agreement, Being Impeccable with Your Word, take one week to notice how your life compares to that particular Agreement.  With the first Agreement, for example, try to be aware of any discrepancy with your word and your truth, your actions, and/or your intentions.  Reflect upon how the discrepancy feels to you, and whether or not you find a sense of motivation to intervene.  You may want to journal your reflections or speak with a trusted person about what you find.

The second week for each Agreement is about integrating it into your life.  In doing so, pay attention to how easy or difficult it is to do so and both how you feel and whether or not you’re in better integrity with yourself.  You may find surprising opportunities to use the Agreement as you focus in on each particular one.