Testimonials from the 2015 Diving Deeper Couples retreat

“I thought it was all really good.  Loved the sense of community that was created.  Thank you.”

“Leaving retreat, I look forward to implementing the tools and experiences I have gained.  I feel an authentic closeness to myself and my partner after the weekend that wasn’t there before.”

“Going to the couple’s retreat helped us move to a deeper place in our relationship. We had big breakthroughs in our ability to speak the truth, hold on to ourselves and our emotions, and move through some painful places.  I’d highly recommend it.”

“Going to the couple’s retreat helped us move to a deeper place in our relationship. We had big breakthroughs in our ability to speak the truth, hold on to ourselves and our emotions, and move through some painful places.  I’d highly recommend it.”

“Katherine practices the right amount of challenging me and nurturing me, all while maintaining a compassionate energy.  I trust her.”

“As newlyweds needing help navigating the waters of a blended family, we wouldn’t have found someone better.  Katherine has been a savior and the retreat only multiplied the reach of our office work.  We feel so lucky to be working with (her).”

“This retreat changed our relationship for the better and I recommend it to  everyone who  wants to strengthen their relationship.”

“Expanding the way in which you see yourself, your life, and the world signatures the guidance I offer.”

Previous Testimonials

This retreat with Katherine and Gary has been an amazing experience for me and my wife.  I resisted for so long because it felt too outside the box.  I can tell you I wish I would have gone sooner.  They make it comfortable and safe.  I’ve learned some valuable tools and have not felt this close to my wife in years.  If you are like me and you feel like its going to be strange or awkward, I can tell you, it’s not.  I’m already looking forward to the next one.

–  Individual and couple’s therapy client; 2014 retreat participant

Katherine “lives out loud” what she teaches.  The retreat isn’t a bottled feel good experience.  It is an opportunity to learn and grow.

– Couples therapy client and 2013 retreat participant

I feel very fortunate to have found Katherine as our therapist.  The work my husband and I have done with her has helped us tremendously in our communication skills.  We have found more intimacy- spiritual, emotional, physical- in our shared lives.

– Couple’s therapy client and 2013 retreat participant

I don’t believe our marriage would have made it without Katherine’s help and guidance.  My wife and I have been able to use the tools and safer environments to discuss and work through what have been significant challenges in our relationship.  It is a wonderful feeling to know we can work through any challenge.  We’re not alone with our challenges and in having a relationship filled with more intimacy, fun , trust and love.

– Couple’s therapy client and 2013 retreat participant

Going into the retreat I was so nervous.  I was afraid we would not make progress or that we would be the couple that would be the most screwed up.  But in going to this retreat I saw that our problems were similar to so many others.  It made them not seem so big.  Going through the exercises step by step with Katherine and Gary helped me to break through some old stuff and now I feel more confident that I have the tools to make a healthier and more loving relationship possible.  Thanks guys!

– Couples therapy client and 2014 retreat participant

“My wife and I have had the great privilege of working closely with Katherine. She has helped both of us work through our individual childhood issues, as well as legacy issues between my wife and I that were negatively impacting our relationship.

Katherine’s approach to helping couples is an “All In” approach. Part of this “All In” approach is a very unique retreat experience that she has created for her clients. In this amazing setting, my wife and I were able to discuss, and move through, very personal and difficult to discuss matters, that had negatively affected our relationship. I believe strongly the reason we were to make such progress was because of Katherine and her guidance and teachings, the tranquil setting that she chose to host our retreat, and the five other “anonymous” couples that allowed us to realize our issues were not unique to us as we dialoged with other couples.

Going into the retreat, all of us seemed to be concerned about the cost and our being vulnerable in a group setting. I believe being able to accept those concerns, and move through them, is part of the growth Katherine’s clients experience.

This multi day retreat had six couples that were strangers at the beginning of the retreat and became “family” as we all continue our individual and couple’s growth. Our group still meets monthly and it is safe to say all of us look forward to these special gatherings. They are a safe place for us to discuss and work through whatever issues we face.

Do the work, make the call, enjoy the relationship and life you deserve.”

– Local Portland Resident, husband, father, and small business owner

“Katherine is one of my favorite finds here on Earth.  At first, I started seeing Katherine individually and more recently, my wife and I have together benefited from her expert counseling.  Katherine has assisted us in numerous ways–and sometimes it was difficult to receive that help.  Therapy is a tricky, sensitive and personal business.  I was not always eager to delve into issues that I really needed to deal with.  With her kind, intelligent, and very focused efforts, I can say a lot of success has been achieved (as a couple and individually). We will always be grateful to her for the help”.

– Portland-Metro resident

Nearly two years ago my life changed quite dramatically when my marriage of nine years ended.  Katherine had been our couple’s counselor and I thought I didn’t need her anymore because my difficulties in life had all resided with the marriage.  At first this was deceivingly true, but as I slowly started to face the inevitable transition, I came to realize there was much more buried deep that suddenly needed to come to the surface.  I turned back to Katherine in my darkest hour because I quite frankly didn’t know where else to go.  She began counseling me once again, but this time as an individual, and I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have made it through that time without her.

Today I am a transformed human being who has faced pain, suffering, grief, and despair head on and embraced it as my own so I could let it go.  Katherine had been telling me I could do this all through my marriage, but it took hitting rock bottom to finally realize I had no other choice.  When I allowed her to tell me again, her consistency, her wisdom, and her patient guidance was my shining light house through the storm.  She has given me tools for life that are irreplaceable, and now I walk through life with me head held high, ready for whatever challenges may come.  It’s an amazing feeling to no longer worry about the past or future, but live for today.  I used to think this was impossible to do-  Katherine helped me truly open my eyes and heart to see the truth.

– Seattle resident and current client

Katherine and Gary (retreat co-facilitator) have provided me the necessary tools to be comfortable enough in my own skin to help my authentication process.  My life has been positively altered and I owe it to Katherine’s leadership.

– Portland area resident and current client