Individual Counseling

The individual counseling that I offer is based on a strong relationship with my clients, a participatory style, an approach steeped in mindfulness and the invitation to dive into the deep waters of one’s inner world.  While counseling goals vary, a consistent experience is one of transformation of the relationship to self, increased self-awareness and sense of empowerment and the confidence to navigate life and its innate changes and challenges.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling involves working with both individuals from the perspective of supporting and strengthening the relationship. Together, as a team, we address areas such as deepening intimacy and trust, changing and improving communication so that each partner begins to feel heard and understood, resolving past events or betrayals and improving compatibility. Working from the premise of creating a conscious relationship, couples are guided and supported in establishing and maintaining a new normal.

Group Work

Group work is an extension of participation in a retreat.  Currently, there are two types of group work offered. One is a spiritually focused group, entitled Waking Up:  Living and Loving Consciously and the second are Diving Deeper groups, which focus on building support and community around conscious relationship.  The groups are semi-structured, with either an activity and/or focus for the month as well as time for sharing and connecting with other group members.  

Family Therapy

My approach is to work with each family as a whole system, defining and increasing family strengths and addressing areas such as ineffective communication and parent-child power struggles.

My background includes working with multi-stressed, restructured, blended and nuclear families as well as parents learning to co-parent after separation or divorce.

Families involved in counseling typically find an improvement in solving problems, enhanced and deepened communication between all members, an increase in trust and trustworthiness, and overall improved family functioning.