Many feel that life is passing by ever more quickly, and while many good moments occur, they are missed as one anticipates or plans for the next. Mindfulness, or the “ability to be fully present in the moment” is a foundational aspect to my work. Whether it is part of a deeper spiritual path, or simply a philosophy, once integrated, that offers the possibility of living life’s moments to their fullest, I offer tools and practices to clients that guide the embodiment of this powerful teaching.


For many, personal work includes exploring and deepening spirituality. With respect for various backgrounds and beliefs, I invite direct experience to guide the process and compliment the other personal work being done.


Depression affects nearly everyone at some point in their life. It can include feelings of pervasive sadness, hopelessness or simply a lack of joy, lasting for months when untreated. My approach involves treating the depression as well its underlying causes to provide immediate relief and long term resolution. A focus on both effective strategies to address depression and changing the relationship to depression itself is offered. From a new vantage point, not only is there a possibility of decreased symptoms of depression, but the potential gifts it brings are realized.

Grief / Loss

Experiencing significant loss, including but not limited to the death of a loved one, can be one of the most important experiences in life. Understanding the process, both from learning what to expect as well as knowing one’s own personal process is a critical part of healing. Not going through the process alone is also tremendously helpful for some. I work with clients experiencing loss and grief as they discover what healing and adjustment means to them on their own individual journey.


Like depression, anxiety occurs with many people, although its forms may vary. Irritability, compulsive or obsessive thoughts or behaviors, physiological sensations such as a racing heart and sweaty palms or an extreme need for control are all hallmarks of anxiety. My approach is an integrated one based in increasing the sense of peace and inner well-being through mindfulness and other practices while working directly with the fears to obtain a new sense of freedom.

Divorce, Co-Parenting and Blended Families

Current divorce rates are high, making it one of the most common and significant life changes. Successful restructuring of the family and effective co-parenting has many benefits. I work with parents to create a strong partnership on behalf of their children, focused on keeping lines of communication open so that those benefits can be realized and children can continue to thrive within the changed family environment. Communication tools and conscious parenting practices are offered to solidify a foundation for moving forward as a restructured family.

In addition to working with families experiencing divorce, I also counsel blended families, guiding parents and stepparents, as well as supporting children in the process.  While often delicate and challenging, the opportunities that are available to each are powerful.

Childhood Trauma

Childhood experiences often carry over into our adult lives. For some, where trauma has occurred as a child, the impact can keep us from leading a full, satisfying life or having fulfilling relationships. I offer multiple avenues for uncovering and addressing childhood trauma including psychotherapy, EMDR, and relaxation/meditation practices.